Digi Trends for June #3

Just a heads up that there’s a running theme of World Cup related everything throughout majority of the below email.


Digital News and Innovation

  • ANZ GAYTM outdoor campaign has won the Grand Prix in the Outdoor category of Cannes. (FYI, I’ll be putting together a client-friendly presso on all the winners once announced.)
  • An interesting read about 8 challenges of data analysis for marketers.
  • Here’s a glimpse into what the world wants to know during the World Cup – http://www.google.com/trends/worldcup#/en-us/
  • Furthermore, Facebook has joined in the World Cup conversation by adding in ‘Trending World Cup’. This includes the latest scores, highlights, real-time posts from friends and players, an interactive world map and you can share the specific match you’re watching during the World Cup — just tap the smiley icon before you share a post and select “watching.”
  • 5 SEO trends that have emerged this year according to Digiday – interestingly Google + gets a mention.
  • Reddit has made a pitch to small businesses. The site, which comScore says gets 17 million unique visitors a month, has been expanding its own Google Adwords-like self-serve ad platform, which it’s aiming at small-and mid-size businesses that lack the big marketing budgets of national brands.
  • Can Pinterest convince brands to buy mobile? They think so.



  • Here are the Five big moments in social for the World Cup according to wearesocial.
  • On Tuesday, Facebook launched an app set out to rival Snapchat called slingshot. Slingshot hopes to capitalize on the popularity of image-based messaging, giving users a way to share photos or up to 15” videos that fly away after being opened. BUT THERE’S A CATCH, and it seems annoying, because in order to view a photo, a user has to share a photo, too.
  • With instant messaging app’s on your mind, Snapchat launched ‘Our Story’, which compiles snaps from people in a given location to build and view a mass-message. It’s launching at the Electronic Daisy Festival this weekend and mention that if you’re not there add EDCLive anyway to check out the event – live. Snapchat mention “we’ll curate EDCLive to provide the best possible experience.
  • Facebook has announced that it will use web browsing history for targeting ads on the platform. Furthermore, they’ve also announced new privacy options, whereby users can click on an ad to see why it has been served to them.


Cool campaigns I think are worth sharing:


Because I find dopplegangers funny, I found this funny.


Thanks for reading.


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