Digi Update for July (numero deux)

Hope you’re finding the below updates useful. Please feel free to let me know if there are some topics you’d like added or if there are certain elements you hate.


Digital News and Innovation

  • Google rolled out an update to Gmail’s iOS app Thursday that makes it easier for users to view and share documents and files between Drive and Gmail.
  • I hate this ad, and apparently so do many others. Apparently MyPlates are disappointed that their ads have caused such a negative stir. I think they’re prettiest sexist and play on male stereotypes far too much – not innovative in any way.
  • As featured on kickstarter, check out this affordable interactive digital displays.
  • An Elite Daily article that says it all in the title – 5 Reasons Why I’ll Forever Be A Loyal Apple Brand Whore. Light-hearted but outline a few truths.
  • When beer and apparel combine you get the http://www.alcapparel.com
  • This new tinder-style music app can help you destroy the dreams of many. It’s called Next. Musicians can upload a 3 minute video and users can swipe left to ditch and right to approve.


  • Foursquare’s other half, Swarm, has taken over the check-in function. Amongst other things. Read about agencies dissecting the strategy, logo, approach, second app etc.
  • They created a website for BuyMyBarina – http://buymybarina.com/ – all proceeds go to charity.
  • Lastest monthly active users figures for Facebook have just been released, as well as daily figures and revenue numbers. Monthly active users have grown to over 1.3 billion, up from 1.276 billion in Q1. Of this 1.07 billion are active mobile monthly active users (up from 1.008 billion last quarter).
  • Another plus for Facebook as Forrester Research reveals that of mobile users who engage with brands use Facebook the most.  Keep up the good work comm mamangers!
  • Facebook introduces the SAVE You can now privately save links, places, movies, TV and music.
  • LinkedIn has launched new ad capabilities in the format of Direct Sponsored Content.
  • Messaging services continue to rise, Whatsapp have now overtaken Facebook messaging as it is being used by 39% of the mobile internet audience. Although these messaging services continue to rise, users are not abandoning SMS/text services. The likely drivers of this trend come down to convenience and reach of messaging services.


Cool campaigns I think are worth sharing:

  • IBM create smarter advertising for smarter cities – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKvgw9TJoCk
  • Samsung’s ‘Ever day is day one’ is very emotive and bloody well made. Created as part of Samsung’s global sponsorship of the Association of Surfing Professionals World Tour, the ad includes a mix of beginners and seasoned pros like Kelly Slater – check it out if you haven’t already https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNqPSKHqZnw
  • The internet is all about cool Dad’s. Be that dress-up dads, parody-nailing dad’s or all round good guy Dads. Cheerios are capitalising on this with the campaign #howtodad. General consensus according to the #howtodad tweets approve of this commercial as they no longer portray Dads as big kids or bumbling idiots. 
  • Buick partners with MapMyFitness app to create the Runs Worth the Drive Cars and fitness – would it work? Well why not. Buick discovered a lot of their

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