Digital Inspiration for August

I am feeling inspired by quite a few things this week. Hopefully that comes across in the update below.


Digital News and Innovation

  • READ: An interesting article on what manufacturing could learn from the new age apps of our time including Uber because of it’s use of real-time info, Oscar (insurance) due to smart filtering, Air BnB  as it leverages what’s local and Nest which harnesses continuous learning.
  • WATCH: Hyundai are trying something a bit different with an 11 minute three-part sci-fi film set to be released during the allocated ad-time TNT’s Legend pilot. Watch the trailer here. I have a sneaking feeling that they’re just riding on the coattails of Nike’s World Cup campaign short film Risk Everything. Nevertheless, it’s a perk for viewers because apparently they won’t be inundated with brand messaging.
  • SKIM: P&G about to drop/merge/fadeout a WHOLE lot of brands from their portfolio. Could we see other brands follow suit. I think yes. People have more choice than ever before, but how do we actually feel about that? Do we need it? I think not. Too much choice leads to confusion and indecisiveness. Like at the café with 100 options rather than the hipster place with 7.
  • TECHY: Here are four location based marketing tactics that are totally working, according to Adweek. They include IBEACONS, COUPON REDEMPTIONS, GEOFENCING and MOBILE PAYMENT. Great case study to froth over for each also.
  • ARTY: When art takes over advertising space. You get LOTS of art around a city.
  • NEW TECH: There’s a new late-night alcohol delivery service in the US – DRIZLY. It’s an app. You search, buy then receive it to your door between 20-40 minutes.



  • Remember the last time you said “yeah last time in Paris, I totally lived like a local. We went to this cute café surrounded by Parisians then walked along the Seine to this hidden gallery filled with Parisians and finished the night at a local Parisian gig on the cusp of Arrondissement 14” YEAH PROBS NOT. WELL, next time you go travelling, go to SWEDEN then you WILL be able to say things like this. Introducing, Tourism of the future. Go Sweden. Taxi trails allows you to experience Stockholm like a Stockholmer. This tax company are using their GPS data to create an interactive tourist guide based off where Stockholmers travel to in cabs.
  • Social, might leave this update to you guys this week because otherwise this could get LENGTHY.


Cool campaigns I think are worth sharing:

  • How to sell more peaches (in China). Lol. 
  • Big Spaceship’s case study on revolutionising customer service (for BMW US).
  • Using celebrities is still a good move. More long-form content, this time by Johnnie Walker in ‘The Gentleman’s Wager’ featuring Jude Law and that old guy with a familiar face (Giancarlo Giannini).
  • Grolsch Beer have adopted Bluetooth technology so when you tap your beer against your phone or mac book, it unlocks a free movie to watch. It’s called Movie Unlocker.


That’s all for now.


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