May Weekly Trends/Developments/Updates (June #1)

Please find below this week’s installation of media news, current affairs and other fun ideas.


Digital News and Innovation

  • Last week I mentioned that Facebook are rolling out pre-rolls, well they’re already bothering me. I watched a video that my friend posted twice within a few minutes and the exact same ad played both times – couldn’t skip it. I am not much of a video uploader but it definitely makes me think twice on whether content of video is worth it and length of the video etc.
  • New radio survey came out today and Jonesy & Amanda are in #1 spot – take that Kyle!
  • Google created a car. It doesn’t have an emergency brake, accelerator or steering wheel. They’re exploring what is means to have a self-driving vehicle. To me, people who took it for a ‘drive’ looked really awkward and worried yet the reviews they give the futuristic mobile are quite different.
  • Official branded accounts in WeChat are allowed to create apps directly into their account – DOUBLEAPPAGE, Sam is this your worst nightmare? (example below)
  • When you like a branded page on Instagram, 3 similar options will now drop down encouraging you to like those too.
  • The World Wide Developers Conference (WWCD) was held last week and as part of that Apple engineers launched the Health App HealthKit. Basically it’s designed to handle simple health data (DOB, gender, blood pressure, calories) that could potentially sync with personal medical records.



  • Instagram adds 10 new features to the app, taking a leaf from the Afterlight app by including contrast, warmth, saturation, shadows, highlights etc.
  • Kim Kardashian/Kanye wedding photo is the most-liked photo of all time on Instagram with over 2 million likes.
  • In the last year, people shared more than 5 billion status updates that included how you’re ‘feeling’, ‘watching’ or ‘listening to’, sparking conversations with friends in a more visual way. Therefore, is Automatic detection the future of Facebook?
  • There’s a lot of news about Tencent floating around. China’s Tencent, the biggest listed Internet company in Asia, said net income soared 60% in the year’s first quarter, with growth propelled by mobile games and advertising. They’re responsible for WeChat.
  • For the first time in the company’s history, Tumblr’s mobile traffic exceeded its desktop traffic. With more than 25 million mobile US unique visitors in April and 23 million on desktop, Tumblr is officially a predominantly mobile platform.

Cool campaigns I think are worth sharing:

  • As I mentioned last week, WeChat messaging service is creeping up the social ranks pretty rapidly. With this in mind, Oreo has created an official branded account on WeChat which allows them to build an app directly into their account.
  • Laphroig Whiskey are welcoming opinions in this new clip and they’re not all good including descriptions including pee, seaweed, seagulls armpits, damp dog, oily. It’ll be interesting to see how their #opinionswelcome campaign plays out for ‘the most richly flavoured scotch whiskey in the world’.
  • Quit smoking campaign for World No Tobacco Day on vine – pretty powerful. There are a male and female version.
  • Cannes Lions festival will give any person or brand the opportunity to be featured in a photography exhibition through #InstagramCannes. At the moment 1,952 photos have been tagged. Winners will fit the category of either originality, technical execution and subject matter of submissions.
  • This strikes a chord. The #lastselfie campaign used SnapChat to show endangered species of wild life vanish from users screens with the 10 second countdown.


With Cannes just around the corner, be sure to keep an eye out on innovative campaigns worth sharing.


Bit of a lol.


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