Trends (May #2)

Here’s a few interesting things I’ve discovered this week. Hoping they’re new and relevant to you too.

Digital News and Innovation

  • A la carte apps are coming! What do I mean? Well, it’s been predicted that we’ll see a rise in standalone apps from existing publishers. So far, The New York Times is currently planning on launching mobile apps that are solely focussed on food and opinion. I believe that this approach is acknowledging that people are increasingly using the side doors of search and social to get to the news. BUT, will this just narrow the scope of news people are exposed to? Is it just draining publishers resources and will it affect their core offering?

Below is an excerpt from the article, more can be read here.

  • “News is packaged, consumed, shared in many different ways, and each of those ways is going to speak to a certain audience, and the needs of that audience,” said Amy Mitchell, director of journalism research at the Pew Research Center. “So it’s about meeting the interests of those and helping them find the content they’re interested in but also maintaining the content structure for those who want to come across a wider mix.”
  • The Surface Pro 3 is aiming high – to replace the need for a laptop. Here’s how it hopes to. I think it may end up a little like the original and #2, but time will tell.
  • Twitter is no longer out to buy Soundclound simply because “the numbers didn’t add up.” Did you know that Soundcloud has over 250 million users around the world and has recently been valued at $700 million?
  • Another cool thing to come from Kickstarter lately is the smart push bike. It delivers GPS to your handle bars! “In addition to giving turn-by-turn directions, the bike gets smarter over time too — it learns where to avoid potholes and suggests the safest route.” – read more here.



  • Messaging apps are surging in popularity all over the globe. WhatsApp is still the #1 app outside of China but we should definitely keep an eye on WeChat which is quickly establishing itself as a major force, dominating APAC. There’s potential for the WeChat app to be the first non-US social platform to achieve truly global reach. The reason this is important to us is because these messenger services are considered more private for users, they’re totally mobile and they’re basically free – as a result, some of the conversations that used to be taking place inside major social networks have now shifted to these apps. 
  • WhatsApp messenger has overtaken Facebook’s own Messenger service to become the third most popular social app globally.
  • Snapchat growth rate over last 6 months is at 67% and it’s continuing to rise. It’ll be interesting to see how this continues to growth now that they’ve introduced a chat service on this too. Personally, I don’t like the chat feature, it’s a bit clunky and I don’t understand when I’ve received a picture vs a chat msg.
  • Latest stats show that Tumblr, Instagram and YouTube have the youngest audiences – these are the platforms where 16-24 years form the largest share of active users.
  • Facebook active users are declining, engagement is becoming more passive. Meaning, we’re still looking at it, but that’s basically where most levels of engagement stop – the looking/scrolling. Hooray for making our job a little harder 😉
  • Facebook is developing Slingshot which is meant to rival SnapChat. More to come soon.

Cool campaigns I think are worth sharing:


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