Weekly Trends/Developments/Updates (May #1)

Here’s a general update on what’s going on across some of the sites in regards to news, innovation, social platforms and cool campaigns that I feel are particularly noteworthy.


Digital News and Innovation

  • Remember that time autoplay embarrassed you? Well probably not, but I’m sure you remember the feeling. Well so does everyone else, therefore it has been voted as the most hated digital ad tactic… And rightfully so. YET, Facebook are preparing to roll these out to contend with YouTube.
  • Sony has created a ‘social media broadcast channel’, dubbed ‘One Stadium Live’, to bring together online conversation around the World Cup. The mobile-first platform finds posts on Twitter, Facebook and Google+, before grouping them together based on their relevance to one another.
  • [Insert something about drones…]
  • Apple is set to release the iPhone 6 earlier than expected, in August. Rumour of new features and design are floating around but I’ll wait till they’re confirmed before sharing.


  • Vine videos are now viewable to non-users via their website which launched in Jan.
  • Facebook Poke is no more – quietly removed. I know, nobody cares.
  • Tumblr adds blog editor feature to mobile app – I have already benefitted from this. Just check out the awesome iseepineapples.tumblr.com to see.
  • A study into 50,000 random Pinterest users has concluded that92% of pins are made by women, while 84% of those who were users four years ago are still active. 
  • Further to this, it is no surprise that the most repins by domain goes to Etsy then urbanoutfitters. More can be found here. But really, Etsy takes the cake, by miles.
  • LinkedIn has launched two new features, both aimed at helping companies reach people across different markets. The first, language preference targeting, lets a company specify which users will see an update, based on their chosen language. The second, personalised page feeds, is very similar: when a user clicks on a company’s page, they will see only the updates intended for them, once again identified by language settings.
  • Foursquare has introduced a new stand-alone app, Swarm. In a nutshell, Swarm will be a map of all your friends, and Foursquare will be a map of all your places. If this interests you, you can read more here.


Cool campaigns I think are worth sharing:


Fact: @Twitter didn’t send its first tweet until the service was 478 days old. The service sees more than 500 million tweets a day now.


If you’re unsure why I included any of these point, just ask.


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