Weekly Trends/Developments/Updates (May #3)

Who’s ready for the influx of FIFA WORLD CUP Advertising?!?

Me, I totally am. I want Beckham to be in every Pepsi ad and Ronaldo in every other one.

Here’s a general update on what’s going on across some of the sites in regards to news, innovation, social platforms and cool campaigns that I feel are particularly noteworthy.


Digital News and Innovation

  • Or lack of innovation. Apparently old school phones are making a comeback. http://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/2014/05/25/old-school-mobile-phones-make-comeback. Apparently some of the phones we had in high school are going for hundreds of dollars…?! Is this a tell-tale sign that maybe every now and again we don’t want to be bothered by updates/news/goings-on?
  • Nielsen’s Twitter TV Rating service now includes demographic information on tweet authors. So far, the data collected varies hugely between programmes: sport skews 79% male, reality 65% female.
  • New in wearable technology for golfers. You can probably skip down to the screenshots to get the idea on how it helps you improve your swing.
  • Digital publisher Yahoo!7 is rolling out a new “infinite scrolling” website which it claims will better translate across devices. Perks for users include more personalisation opportunities. Read more here.


  • Facebook is testing an ‘Ask’ button, which allows one user to enquire into another’s relationship status. Mashablepointed out the button’s huge potential and its significance for the online dating world; with such a huge user base, Facebook could quite easily become a rival to the likes of eHarmony and match.com.
  • Here’s a link through to the latest social media statistics (April 2014) –
    • FB – 13.2 million unique monthly active users
    • YT – 12.7 million
    • com – 6.15 million

Cool campaigns I think are worth sharing:

  • The anti social video that ironically spread like wildfire across social media.
  • This Adidas campaign is encouraging buyers to customise their runners with their favourite instagram photos – http://instagram.com/p/oDw5k6LiRz. This post received great engagement with over 55k likes, so it’s looking like it might work out for them.
  • A hilariously awkward, accidentally established social media tone of voice for a cheese brand – http://digiday.com/brands/velveeta-facebook-cheesy/
  • The small Melburnian business using Facebook correctly. They’re thinking outside the box to tell their story and push their brand’s personality through FB: N2 Extreme Gelato Melbourne

Side find courtesy of Grant:

Hope it’s a good read for you.


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