GoGet Innovation and the Impact this has on Toyota (client)

GoGet has effectively become a competitor to TFS as some people are choosing to use GoGet’s service rather than buy a car themselves. GoGet continues to expand its car share offering in and around 4 Australian capital cities. GoGet has more than 1100 vehicles in Sydney and 200 in Melbourne and nearly 50,000 customers subscribed to its car sharing service. One of the keys to their success is their focus on the customer experience, and how they use data and research to improve their customer experience.


One reason GoGet continue to expand is because they utilise the data they capture to deliver valuable insights tailored for business growth. These include vehicle data and customer usage as well as their core data asset which is the geographic information system (GIS) that’s used to improve the overall customer experience. For example, GoGet saw locations where vehicles were most in demand varied by season, such as parking near the beach in summer. With that knowledge, the company adjusted its beach parking locations and provided better information to customers to ease pressure in those places. By analysing this data GoGet are continually optimising their services for improved experiences and ultimately increased customer retention.


Another example of their customer focus is GoGet are currently creating partnerships with existing places like Ikea, Sydney Airport and Meals on Wheels to ultimately make it more convenient for customers to utilise their service when required. They’re not stopping with the previously mentioned companies either, they are also partnering with universities and providing funding for innovation projects including driverless cars. This is boosting acquisition and retention as they evolve and expand their services to create a better customer experience based on research, feedback and real-life situations.


As GoGet’s footprint in the market continues to rise it is worth keeping an eye on their website which tallies how many private cars they believe they have removed from the road. This currently stands at 12,420 private cars not sold because of their services. From this TFS can learn that by evolving strategies to incorporate changing attitudes of varying demographics and even researching the habits of certain suburbs we can tailor the needs of both current and future customers.


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