Interesting, Peculiar or Relevant Findings for August #2

Digital News and Innovation

  • Woolworths has opened its first fully online store…in Mascot. This is so online orders can be selected and packaged from this store rather than from the shelves of regular Woolworths’. Also, Mascot was chosen because this is one of the closest suburbs to online shoppers’ homes according to their data.
  • Could JIBO be the world’s first family robot? It can see, hear, learn, help, speak and relate.
  • Lexus Enform US have an app that locks, unlocks, starts the car, has a vehicle finder and other vehicle alerts. Pretty coooool. The app is under the ‘enfore remote’ tab.
  • According to think with Google, Millenials love the YouTube food videos. The men, the women, the Mums and the Dads all turn to food on YouTube to gain food inspiration, education or entertainment. All this has powered a 280% growth in food channel subscriptions over the past year.
  • Business cards that fold into USB sticks that can house your CV and web portfolio. Support the Swivelcard on kickstarter.
  • OpenTable (NY only for now) can pay for a meal directly through the app as well as make a reservation. OpenTable’s mobile payment operates in such a way that you don’t have to enter a table number or scan a bar code to check out; instead, the restaurant just adds the charge on the back end through its computer system, which is reflected in real time on the user’s app.
  • Chromatik has launched its redesigned app for musicians this week. This app provides sheet music by instrument for pop songs and now includes a metronome and video tutorials. Furthermore you can record your practice session and share them with friends to get feedback.
  • Timex have created the Ironman One GPS+ which can connect to apps on its own, rather than syncing through a smartphone.
  • Developers can start building apps for Google Fit.



  • When the likes of Tinder and Whatsapp spawn, WingMe is born. Apparently it’s like sitting in a bar with your friends and evaluating the crowd, but in an app! Tim, will you test this one out for us?
  • Instagram has launched Bolt, a super-fast one-touch photo/video messaging app service. But will this entice people to use Bolt over Snapchat? As I have discovered today, it is VERY easy to send a pic – too easy almost. It’s far more streamlined than snapchat, which may be something users are attracted to.
  • A horrible app called BroApp. It is designed to Auto SMS your girlfriend ‘sweet things’. At first I rolled my eyes. Then I thought about having a sexist rant. Then I decided the technology is interesting. Then I moved on because it’s just not worth it.
  • Facebook forces users worldwide to download messenger for mobile chat as they are going to remove this service over the next few days.


Cool campaigns I think are worth sharing:

  • RedBull on Vine – Simple, short and brilliant.
  • HSBC’s social-media led campaign ‘Your Future Self’ has launched to engage with new students. ‘Your Future Self’ kicks off with four documentary-style short films focusing on four individuals and how their time at university shaped their career.
  • Here’s a creative way to utilise Tinder. A NYC puppy rescue project has paired with Tinder so users can be matched with a rescue dog. They fake ages, in order to comply with the 18+ range but then use cute pics with an about section that says “single and ready to mingle”.

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