Digi Update That Will Tickle Your Mind

Please find a helpful serving of digital news below.

Digital News and Innovation

  • Show this to all the brand managers who still think TV is awesome. Global Media Index have released new stats that support us –DIGITAL RULES!
    • 54% of an adults daily media time is spent online, drowning traditional TV which accounts for 23% overall
    • Social networking accounts for 28% of online media time
  • An interesting perspective of the mobile strategy App versus Site
  • Jack Daniel’s are doing a world first. They’re building a bar via crowdsourcing to celebrate Jack’s birthday. I would like to see how this actually goes. I’ll make sure there is a follow-up on this.
  • Barangaroo – that huge ass construction site down the road have just hired a whole lot of agencies including Publicis Mojo who are going to handle their creative.
  • First there was media fragmentation, then there was screen fragmentation, well now there is smartphone fragmentation and Google want to get on top of it. So they bought drawElements.
  • Soon it will be normal for your car to have an internet connection, not just connectivity. They will be online independently from that smartphone of yours and will be able to utilise custom-made apps all on their own.
  • Smart shoes help direct blind folk.
  • Let it out, all of it out, to people who will listen on Kindly.
  • Google have put together a piece which ultimately is trying to improve the way brands use search but they make some interesting points about this “digital shelf”. Starting with the fact that 84% of smartphone shoppers turn to their mobile phone to help them shop while in a store and highlighting that one third use their smartphone to find information in store instead of asking store employees – because well what would they know…. The key takeaways to standout on the “digital shelf” is to:
    1. Being at eye level (in search results)
    2. Stand-out (sitelinks, stacking ad extensions)
    3. Bid on keywords
    4. Apply some retail know-how (aid purchase)


  • Brands LOVED SHARK WEEK on social.
  • Yo has expanded its vocabulary. You can now send your support via hashtag messaging and also receive a “Yo” notification from Fedex to inform you that your package has arrived.
  • Groupon have been successful on Snapchat.
  • Yep – celebrities got involved with the ALS ice bucket challenge. We’re talking Chris Pratt, Rihanna, Bieber, Iggy Azalea, Ronaldo, Taylor Swift… etc. Just google it if you’re into that. Kudos to those that got involved for making awareness of the neurodegenerative illness ALS skyrocket.

Cool campaigns I think are worth sharing:

  • Anything these guys do is pretty fab in terms of website concept and design. Thanks to Urshy for introducing me to Active Theory. They’re pretty genius.
  • Maybelline gets freaky with digitalised make-up sesh.
  • Turkish Airlines wanted to increase brand awareness around the world and reach a new target audience. Google Think reveals how the airline reached over 100 million traveller prospects through selfies … (and because their ads featured Messi and Bryant – celebrity endorsements 4 lyf).

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