Here is a Friday Friendly post folks.

Although the length may be daunting at times, it’s bite size info so don’t feel daunted.  After all, it is just a big long update of all things digital, across all industries from science to entertainment, to appeal to each and every one of you in some small (or big) way.


Enjoy tucking in.


Digital News and Innovation

  • GENERAL – Why banner ads should die… and be reborn as a medium with which humans actually wish to engage.
  • NEW Beat the Q is an app that allows you to pre-order and prepay for coffee. They’re yet to expand to pubs or even sporting venues – think of the possibilities. Would you use this daily? Is it more if you’re REALLY late? I think on a daily basis you might feel like a bit of a w*nker always skipping the queue – Although, I think at a sports event it’s just plain genius.
  • MUSIC AND LION – An interesting article on how Macklemore made it because of music marketing – from the fan journey to the evolution of a musician and creating a legacy to where to source audiences. It’s a slideshare by a chick called Amber who is a digi strategist at Big Space Ship in NY.
  • EVENTS – Here is an infographic on live events including music and sports. There are more people attending these events than ever before.  Why did I include this? Well there’s a huge opportunity for brands to surround and own the conversation when it comes to ticketing and interest in live events.
  • SCIENCE AND TECH – The future of tracking immunizations for babies involves digital fingerprints.
  • 99 BEERS – I don’t think Lion should copy these guys from Austin Beerworks. They want you to drink a lot of their beer but I reckon after one night on them you’d probably want to throw it all away or at least consider fertilising the plants with it.
  • WEARABLE TECH shirts for ball boys at the US Open. Lolz, good try Ralph Lauren. It provides comprehensive biometric data to your phone. Translation – heart rate, distance etc.
  • GOOGLE – Because some people just love the weather… at a glance… from their Google phones.
  • Community announcement on how the government will try to stop internet piracy. Why don’t they just break the internet?
  • TRAVELThis is for if we ever get a travel-related client. We’ll need to make video content – lots of it because that’s how most people decide on destinations now via the Youtubes and the Vimeos.
  • INDUSTRY – Here is a list of 2014 YouTube Creative Agency Standings. It includes the content they made to get them there. Weiden + Kennedy are currently winning GOLD because of their content for All Spice, P&G, Maserati, Nike Football and Heineken. #killingit


  • Instagram launches Hyperlapse – this proves that they are really pushing to appeal to serious photographers (as well as amateur foodgrammers) remembering that over recent months they have introduced many more tools to enhance photos on their main app. I approve of them trying to bring more beauty to the world via iPhones.
  • Facebook is cracking down on “Click-Baiting” which is bad news for Upworthy.
  • Vine finally grant’s you your wish. Now you can import videos from your phone – a whole 15” worth! ALERT – iOS ONLY. Poor Lamy.
  • Pinterest – yep the one that wedding goers are single handedly keeping alive – has created a News feature. It’s not new News though, it’s a combination of FB and Pinners.
  • Foursquare reintroduces the check-in feature. I’m yet to find a credible source to confirm this though. Soz.
  • Whatsapp is now recording 600 MILLION monthly active users. Other sites now


Cool campaigns I think are worth sharing:

  • Brazilian beer, Skol introduced its latest product for Creatures of the Night which likens humans to bats. Oh and what you hear is a poem asking the sun not to bother the night bats.
  • Here are some examples of brands that are early adopters of Hyperlapse. No surprises it includes Tacobell. Note that Mercedes, Iced Tea and Cosmopolitan also make the cut.
  • Jockey are Supporting Greatness whereby they are hacking into historical events namely landing on the moon. Basically, they are hacking Americans that have done great things and
  • they think it’s a campaign with at least a decade behind it. Call me negative, but I just don’t think so Droga 5.
  • Netflix can control the lighting in your room. It’ll even set the mood to match the movie your streaming.
  • Here is a list of ads people CHOSE to watch on YouTube in July this year.


I hope it got you enjoyed these info nuggets.

Please note, there is always a reason I put the things in that I do. If you’re unsure why – just ask and I’ll try my best to help you understand how my brain works.


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