Weekly Digi Update – Spring Edition

Disclosure – this is completely unrelated to anything seasonal.

Firstly, happy birthday to Beyonce. Can I get a 3 cheers? Hip hip?

Digital News and Innovation

  • The future is not wearable tech, it’s wearable software. We’ll see Nike refocus their energy on apps, not fuelband updates. Google’s fit developer platform rather than device. Apple’s much anticipated HealthKit also.
  • The future is an exciting place. Especially when we see our devices become intuitive with us, and other gadgets. Like a wallet that tracks your phone, and vice versa. Bluetooth is like an endless supply of Tim Tams, it’s just that gift that keeps on giving.
  • Dedicated to e-commerce: the future or le supermaché is online. Imagine if shoppers got reminders from the grocery store about special offers, possible savings and recommendations based on their shopping history. I think this would make those sort after GB 25-54 pretty stoked but leaves me wondering, what about new products!? Would they be clicked on and thrown into the basket as easily as it would be to chuck it in the trolley?
  • In a bid to beat Apple, Samsung have launched some new shiny things. Headsets, curved screens and another smartphone that does something new.
  • Need a new mobile statistic? Global mobile phone usage may just leave you speechless.
  • …Or how about a number or two (billion) on social media access from a mobile device?


  • Twitter has made its analytics dashboard open to all. Now go obsess over the performance of your tweets!
  • Rdio is now offering more radio stations (user-created or subscription-based) and a redesigned website
  • Prediction: social TV is here to stay. Check out these Twitter statistics and some of the biggest TV shows around. Taster – Final episode of Breaking Badreached 9.1 million on Twitter.
  • KFC announced in its viral video that it would donate $1,000 to the cause plus an additional $100 for anyone who completed the task using a KFC bucket. “It’s just a great way to leverage something that has taken off in a huge way,” a KFC rep said.
  • Google+ membership in Australia has grown by 14%. They also make note that the Google+ audience is highly active across other social platforms too. I don’t know if this really translate to much just yet… but worth keeping an eye on. It just doesn’t have a wow factor.


Cool campaigns I think are worth sharing:

  • This was not a good campaign idea by the troubled Malaysian Airlines… it’s probably on most peoples bucket list to never fly with them. Numbskulls….
  • Drones and Google and Australian farmers. The Project Wing.
  • How the brands sponsored US Open this year with digital activations.
  • Adidas Poland created an interactive Instagram game.

Enjoy perusing.


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