Bit late, but always fashionable. This weeks update.

Just a heads up, today I’ve been reduced to a bipolar hybrid of hipster meets ghetto so please keep this in mind as you continue reading…

Digital News and Innovation

  • It’s been a big week for Apple with the release of the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, Apple Pay and iWatch. Now that it is Friday though, I’ve noticed the hype has melted from iceberg to ice-block so there’s no crazy detail up in here, just iPhone 6 schizznit summarised (which will be sure to still excite the basic b*tchez).
  • Apple Pay gets a separate mention though. With a large list of merchant partners, Apple Pay is poised for much heavier adoption rates than existing mobile payment options. The interesting thing here is that Apple mentioned that they will not trace where or how much you spend or keep your details. Do we believe them?
  • Introducing smart car dashboard on ya damn windshield – Navdy. It’s pretty futuristic but in a cool way.
  • There’s a new playa in town. Sydney’s They boast 30 minute delivery of chilled beverages from $25. They found me on FB, and let’s just say that I didn’t hate the sponsored post.
  • Heads up Greenies, printable solar panels are coming to town. Hide yo’ electric heaters, hide yo’ straighteners…
  • Pandora signed a licensing deal with BMG for access to large catalogs. Pandora will also provide BMG and Merlin with listening data through its Music Genome Project, which customizes Pandora users’ experience by monitoring their habits.


  • Social now makes up 4% of marketing budgets, according to CMO. What’s the buzz? Companies experienced a 25% increase in sales through the internet this last year.
  • BUT APPARENTLY, Snapchat teen demographic (16-19yrs) in Aus monthly users exceed 40%, making it more popular than Whatsapp.
  • Buy stuff through Twitter. Kate’s article will be released next week, so imam leave it at that.
  • James Ward has discovered the key to engagement on Facebook. Counting. If you scroll, you’ll see he got 45k+ comments because people commented 1,2,3 etc. Take that Facebook algorithm *doh*
  • Pitcher has arrived. In its Tinder-esque way, it allows clients to meet agencies. It hasn’t made it to AUS yet, but I think we should have something ready for to go for shizzle and giggles.
  • Facebook will start experimenting with posts that can delete themselves. Relevance here, not really personal but definitely for brands and 24hr promotions, for example.


Cool campaigns I think are worth sharing:

  • Serena, ma homegurl, for Beats by Dre. Another chapter following on from the World Cup editions. A fantastic portrayal of routine meets determination.
  • Bud Light lets you buy a beer for your Facebook friends. With vouchers. If it’s their birthday. Note, it’s one of the few big names not trialling the Twitter purchase option.
  • Olivari Olive Oil created an audio cookbook to save your foodie hands from touching the touch screen.
  • This chick faked a 5 week trip to South East Asia via social media. She did it because “Everybody knows that pictures of models are manipulated. But we often overlook the fact that we manipulate reality also in our own lives.

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