White Wrap Up wk 3 in September

Whether you’re attending whiskey night with 3 others, kicking on to a thirtieth,  third-wheeling or going to your soccer presentation where you came third* – you’ll probably enjoy the below THREE segments of digi-goodness.

Digital News and Innovation

  • Firstly, download iOS8 all but 2% of you that own an iPhone. (2% is being generous, we all know it’s only you Matt). Why should you get it? So we can all use Family Sharing!
  • Apple watch will feature social apps for the likes of Facebook, Pinterest and Yahoo!
  • There’s a bug in the HealthKit Software. Put those Fitbits back on NOW NOW NOW!
  • Would you drink from a can that matched the colour of the liquid that was contained? Or maybe you are a complete beer novice and have no idea about Ales vs Stouts? Well, go get one of these bad boys.
  • Some great responses to iOS 8 and iPhone 6 by HTC, HTC UK, Windows and Oreo.
  • The Chaser boys are at it again with a new segment called Media Circus and ABC have issued a pre-emptive apology for the whole series which will cover a satirical spin of news and current affairs.
  • Wearable tech? No. Wearable software? No. This week it is all about the Thinkable Tech. Which is actually just a version of wearable, but hey, let’s give the newly coined term a chance. The Muse is to help you control your thoughts and assist in overthinking…
  • Insert something about drones…
  • The new automotive battleground isn’t necessarily about the car, but about the way it better connects us.


  • Update your Facebook Messenger so you can doodle (draw/type) over your things too!
  • Today’s social media funny is the first guy in Perth to get an iPhone 6 dropped it in front of the cameras. LOL! Cracked screen woes still apply.
  • Thanks to Kate, here’s what you need to think about with the introduction of a ‘buy’ button on Twitter – or as Kate coined, TWURCHASING.
  • Have you seen the best 10 branded Instagram posts for the week? Well, here are a few hints of what made the cut. 1. A douchbag Canadian celebrity 2. A luxury brand 3. A sweet as sports brand that is often associated with chavs 4. Shiny, fast car brand. 5. Small compact electronic that everybody wishes they had for all those crazy holiday adventures including diving and just remembering the night out.
  • It’s Social Media Week next week! Check out the site or the app.


Cool campaigns I think are worth sharing:

  • Some great responses to iOS 8 and iPhone 6 by HTC, HTC UK, Windows and Oreo.
  • Cool Australian wine website. Also highly rate the eCommerce site too – Winephoria.

Get them hands-up ‘cos it’s Friday ya’ll.

* my soccer presentation night is tonight but we came SECOND not THIRD – I changed it to suit the story.


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