Social Media Week – Social and MUSIC Review


Yesterday was probably my favourite day of Social Media Week and because I like stories, I’m going to tell you all about it.

Here’s a bit of a wrap-up of a panel and thoughts and predictions about the socially evolving music industry.

Socially Evolving the Music Industry


I advise watching this if you work on Budweiser, Hahn SuperDry, XXXX Summer Bright or other brand that are contemplating a partnership with music/musicians/venues etc.

In a nutshell, it was a panel of legends who all enjoyed saying that “people can smell bullshit”. We had Hazel Savage who is the Marketing Manager of Pandora and manages the Facebook and Twitter communities for both AUS and NZ – which have separate accounts. This is just one facet of her role to the “data service that provides a product which is music” aka Pandora. Yes, she states that they are a data company first and foremost, and a music platform is secondary to that. Obviously they go hand in hand but still an interesting way to communicate the brands positioning.

Pandora is proud of not allowing social logins to act as logins to Pandora – they are purposefully kept separate for integrity reasons according to Hazel. Instead, on sign-up they do capture gender, location, time of listening and the more you use it the deeper they can segment users. Pandora now has over 2 million active users across AUS and NZ and make a point of requesting new users to opt-in to email communication, rather than the all-to-common opt-out. Pandora believe that the data captured is not their information, it is a real human’s information and that’s why they do not allow social logins or automatically send you spam. Let’s hope it remains this way.

Also on the panel was Andrew Peterson who is the Community & Content Director of Universal Music Australia and one very knowledgeable human being. He explained the business shift for music labels and artists that has had to occur due to social media and how they were not one to jump on it from the get go, it’s only now that musicians etc are making the most of platforms. Artists are now owning  their platform of choice and the best ones pick one or two that they love and can be authentic on, rather than cover all platforms because the marketing guy said so.

Peterson enlightened us on some success stories that he’s witnessed where the doers are the ones that get ahead. He had a meeting with a Youtube sensation called Troy and they were discussing ideas and in the meeting whilst they were discussing, Troy was simultaneously creating this idea and posted it 3 hours later only for it to be a huge success. The key here – get to it. Think about it, talk about it then just start doing it. @ozpeto also reminded us that social is a facilitator and it is “one-to-one communications are what people are really looking for.”

He also touched on the all-important data aspect. He mentioned that Universal have TOO MUCH DATA and openly mentions they aren’t making the most of it. Yes, hooray you got 15000 email address, but what are you gonna do with it?! – This is a problem that is obviously close to home with many of our Lion brands.

Just briefly, the third speaker was the Marketing Manager for MTV and she was all like ‘events trigger engagement’. Well it does for them because they have the cool factor in the bag. They host the VMAs, the EMAs and support many music festivals. Obviously events trigger engagement because people love posting about themselves doing cool sh*t! Fact! They also love seeing pictures of themselves so something cool and random that MTV did at the last festival was to let off giant beach balls into the crowds, wait for, the beach balls had cameras inside them (built in to the design). This gave people the opportunity to visit the MTV website/FB, watch the videos and tag photos etc. Easy, simple, cheap and fun execution which encouraged social engagement and participation.

Also, all of them reiterated the fact that Australia is big enough to be impactful yet small enough for USA/UK to not give a sh*t about! That’s why the above speakers trial, test and just get experimenting – because they can and they have cool sh*t to show for it.

For more quotes and stats from this seminar, search #SMWMusic.



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