SMW – Convergence of Mobile and Social

Below are some points to the perks of mobile (apps and mobile enabled sites) as well as the pitfalls.

Convergence of Mobile and Social

The panel consisted of some techy folk and a champion starter-upper. I thoroughly enjoyed the input from @RebekahPosse the most here because it was real-world advice and you could tell she was talking from firsthand experience. If you’re not familiar with Posse, it’s an iOS friendly app that lets you show off your social status by creating animated streets in any major city and allows you to add in places that take you off the beaten track for example an awesome yoga studio you found in NY or that dodgey looking but sensational Vietnamese restaurant. Anyhow, an interesting statement out of the Posse chick was that moving forward she wished they were actually a mobile website, in preference to an app *Sam cheers*.

One of the initial panel questions from the host was ‘what are some pitfalls to mobile’ and here are some answers:

  • Which platform to use – android or iOS – keeping in mind it’s easy enough to build an app but to perfect one means changes upon changes and to do that across both platforms isn’t cheap or easy
  • You must understand the user journey before building anything for mobile
  • Mobile growth can be attributed greatly to social media platforms and therefore the way people interact and use information/news
  • People still have concerns around privacy
  • Future of mobility in Australia will be determined by infrastructure, namely NBN (national broadband)

From pitfalls to the perks. Some mentioned by the panel included:

  • Mobile is however, more efficient, it’s easier to win someone’s attention once they’ve passed the barrier to download
  • Mobile is personal and brings to life personal experience
  • 25% of Aussies purchase something off a mobile device monthly
  • Mobile is allowing start-ups to start-up easier than ever and they used Beat the Q as an example which is currently the most popular app of its kind GLOBALLY
  • Mobile is leading to more innovation based on speed and data
  • Changing face of entertainment

Want more fun facts from this seminar check out #SMWmobile


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