February wk1 White Wrap Up

Here’s a few things I found interesting this week.

It’s a busy week for all so hope you get a change to peruse, but, if you have to choose, go Snapchat. Always choose Snapchat.

Digital News and Innovation

  • Who wouldn’t want to be woken up of a morning by a total stranger? This guy tried Wakie and his review is a bit of a lol.
  • Fun stats: Video will increase as a key driver of customer engagement from 13% today to 61% in the future; and social will increase from 38% today to 49% in the future. (Source)
  • Here’s the full run down of Superbowl ads.
  • Car brands, advertising and data. It’s starting to come together for brands like Chrysler.
  • Here are a few products that people want right now, some of them are smart.



  • Snapchat is getting BETTER and BETTER. It always had potential and if you couldn’t see that you should excuse yourself from working in the digital field. It’s launching Discover which is where publishers can distribute disappearing stories. Genius. More details and brands already involved (and why).
  • Instagram videos now LOOP
  • Facebook is trialling Place Tips (only in NYC at the momento)
  • Vine released a kid friendly Still 6” looped videos just with a simpler interface and less dumb shit.
  • Tumblr has changed a little, they exaggerate by calling it a Big Update.


Campaigns I think are worth sharing:

  • The top 20 viral ads of January. #6 gives me warm fuzzies and the rest are pretty funny.
  • Will this be the new ice bucket challenge? Smeared Lipstick Selfies
  • Woolworths are hoping their #cheapcheapdance will take off. Gawd no.
  • Australian politics have a few trending hashtags on the go. #LibSpill is my current favourite.

Best wishes for an enjoyable afternoon.


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