March Wrap Up

It’s an interesting time for social, messenger apps and the big guy, Apple.


  • Are gyms the new movie theatre? Two birds one stone: get fit and watch the latest box office.
  • Apple TV is set to launch a new version in June which will deliver new experiences including change how people consume television which is “stuck in the seventies”. Expected to integrate Siri for deeper usability as well as Live TV (similar to Sony’s {playstation Vue Service) and will probably make it possible to travel between Live TV, apps and streaming content seamlessly …but is it all a little too late?
  • 85% of iPhone6 users haven’t bothered with Apple Pay yet.
  • Google is apparently developing a service called the “Pony Express” that will allow users to pay bills through Gmail or Inbox. Users will be able to link their credit cards or bank accounts to Pony Express, and will also be able to split bills with another user.


  • Twitter has already squashed the hopes and dreams of MeerKat with Periscope, integrating live-video broadcasting to it’s platform. It is considered the future of citizen journalism as seen immediately after the NYC explosion last week but can also be utilised like these early adopters – Spotify, RedBull, and Mountain Dew are among the first brands to use Periscope.
  • Facebook set to beef up its Messenger service. They should learn from WeChat who are miles ahead with ways businesses can communicate and share content directly with users.
  • Buzzfeed announced a new content strategy – rather than viewing Facebook as a traffic driver, view the social network as a distinct content hub.
  • Facebook talks with big publishers (Buzzfeed, NatGeo, NY Times, Upworthy etc) to host their content inside of Facebook.

Campaigns (worth sharing):

  • Do gooder Campaign – WeChat ran a voice donor campaign in China to support audiobooks for the blind. If they opted in, users were sent a paragraph to read aloud and record. Video.
  • Audi’s water vapour billboard

If you hate (or like) receiving this stuff, just let me know otherwise I’ll probably gather something together every fortnight.


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