Weekly Digital Update | NOV 5

The Future of Sports

New tech and social dynamics are constantly changing sports, and more changes are on the way. Here is a peak into what the next 25 years of sport will look like.


Tailored sports updates via stalking your Facebook Messenger


Snapchat continues to expand it’s content offering

These include speed-up options, rewind, slow-mo and more face masks too


You might not necessarily want to workout in jeans, but if you did, you could

Watch this. It does not play out how it appears.


KIA launches new car through leveraging NBA sponsorship


NBA to broadcast first live prop sports event in virtual reality


Latest stats on use across social media.

To no surprise time spent is increasing as is the number of networks utilized by an individual daily.


VenueNext reinvents the 49ers fan experience in stadium

They delivered real value for the franchise as well as its corporate partners. The app developed offered fans essential features including mobile tickets, parking passes, in-seat and express pick up ordering, video replays updated every 4 seconds, live feed of the game etc.


Facebook launches music snippet sharing

“Music stories” allow users to better discover new music or share tracks with their friends.


Instagram set to launch it’s own video channel

It’ll be a deep dive into the very best videos Instagrammers post from the last 24 hours. It’s not a permanent feature, just a test.


Steve Waugh’s Captain’s Ride (follow-on from last week)


Fox Sports Australia loses EPL rights – Optus to takeover



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