Weekly Digital Update | OCT 30

It’s been a while. New role, new format below and now marketing content with a bit of a sports skew.

Instagram launches Boomerang. 1 second videos. Yep, one second.


TWITTER UPDATES: Revamped Twitter polls are officially rolling out for everyone


Steve Waugh teams up with ad agencies for ‘Captain’s Ride’

Waugh is looking to raise $750,000 for and was confident the ride will get close to that target.


Stacked Tweets are now a thing

Not just images and text, these now incorporate GIFs and video too.


Jono Brown fronts UBET’s new campaign #UBETWECAN



YouTube Red

This subscription based service launching at $9.99 a month which will include YouTube Originals, offline viewing and ad-free video.


Skittles is the first big sponsor of the NFL’s Snapchat integrated platform channel


A nice piece of branded content from Starbucks where you follow the journey of your coffee bean.

Something to think about adopting for any of our alcohol clients i.e. the journey from hops to pot and how we could capture this for consumers


Underwater drones might just be the next best thing


You may have seen the latest footage the digital team produced for adidas #teamboost which saw Josh pigeon chesting his way past Morgan Mitchell. Well, one of the coolest features of this shoot was the drone footage.

Now, our dream is to find a brief where underwater drone footage would be useful!

FFA Digital

FFA are prepared to beef up their digital offering with a vision to connect with 1.96 million participants in Australian football (soccer).


Would your sports talent wear a fans face on their jersey for a month?

MLS did and they believe it drove ticket sales and fan engagement.

Snapchat might just become the go-to site for real-time sports updates 



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