Weekly Digital Update | NOV 13

Latest social stats from Facebook


Internal Plug: Jono Brown captain of the Carlton Pub Tour

As CUB’s ambassador, who better to launch the first ever flying pub tour. Make sure you follow all the fun via #carltonpubtour competition is now live with the event taking place in March


Digital content can be less structured

More and more we’re seeing publishers produce their own content. Reddit has recently launched their own six-episode series. Netflix has launched 5 minute favourites that are targeted to parents whose children are refusing sleep. Vimeo’s entrance into the world of original content represents yet another victory for creativity


Saucony Launches “Find Your Strong” Campaign through “Seeker Stories”


The “seekers” are Saucony’s target – individuals who are on some kind of journey in life, and for whom running is part of that journey. Matthew Inman is an inspired choice of subject. He has a giant social footprint; he has a unique but relatable take on running and he is an illustrator to make this video pretty great.

What not to do on social if you’re a taxi company…

A social media nightmare where social media users were asked to comment on #yourtaxi experience.


The importance of content and live events

We need to start complementing our events with compelling and highly relevant video content. This content will boost attendance numbers, boost brand awareness and promote engagement. This article outlines potential for pre-event, live event and post event opportunities.


AusPost has teamed up with Tim Cahill to launch ‘Travelling with Tim’

Cahill has just finished his first season with Shanghai Shenhua and is all too aware of the challenges that can arise when travelling in China. Cahill will be spreading the word about the many benefits of the Load&Go China card in the new campaign as well as tips about travelling in China.


A 15 year olds approach to social media

“Facebook? Unless it’s something to do with family or making me look like a good Samaritan then no way I’m posting on there”

Instagram = best, quality photos only.

Snapchat = number one choice because…


Is Facebook learning a trick or two from Snapchat?

FB is testing messages that have a lifespan. Watch them for a limited time only.



Weekly Digital Update | NOV 5

The Future of Sports

New tech and social dynamics are constantly changing sports, and more changes are on the way. Here is a peak into what the next 25 years of sport will look like.


Tailored sports updates via stalking your Facebook Messenger


Snapchat continues to expand it’s content offering

These include speed-up options, rewind, slow-mo and more face masks too


You might not necessarily want to workout in jeans, but if you did, you could

Watch this. It does not play out how it appears.


KIA launches new car through leveraging NBA sponsorship


NBA to broadcast first live prop sports event in virtual reality


Latest stats on use across social media.

To no surprise time spent is increasing as is the number of networks utilized by an individual daily.


VenueNext reinvents the 49ers fan experience in stadium

They delivered real value for the franchise as well as its corporate partners. The app developed offered fans essential features including mobile tickets, parking passes, in-seat and express pick up ordering, video replays updated every 4 seconds, live feed of the game etc.


Facebook launches music snippet sharing

“Music stories” allow users to better discover new music or share tracks with their friends.


Instagram set to launch it’s own video channel

It’ll be a deep dive into the very best videos Instagrammers post from the last 24 hours. It’s not a permanent feature, just a test.


Steve Waugh’s Captain’s Ride (follow-on from last week)


Fox Sports Australia loses EPL rights – Optus to takeover


Weekly Digital Update | OCT 30

It’s been a while. New role, new format below and now marketing content with a bit of a sports skew.

Instagram launches Boomerang. 1 second videos. Yep, one second.


TWITTER UPDATES: Revamped Twitter polls are officially rolling out for everyone


Steve Waugh teams up with ad agencies for ‘Captain’s Ride’

Waugh is looking to raise $750,000 for and was confident the ride will get close to that target.


Stacked Tweets are now a thing

Not just images and text, these now incorporate GIFs and video too.


Jono Brown fronts UBET’s new campaign #UBETWECAN



YouTube Red

This subscription based service launching at $9.99 a month which will include YouTube Originals, offline viewing and ad-free video.


Skittles is the first big sponsor of the NFL’s Snapchat integrated platform channel


A nice piece of branded content from Starbucks where you follow the journey of your coffee bean.

Something to think about adopting for any of our alcohol clients i.e. the journey from hops to pot and how we could capture this for consumers


Underwater drones might just be the next best thing


You may have seen the latest footage the digital team produced for adidas #teamboost which saw Josh pigeon chesting his way past Morgan Mitchell. Well, one of the coolest features of this shoot was the drone footage.

Now, our dream is to find a brief where underwater drone footage would be useful!

FFA Digital

FFA are prepared to beef up their digital offering with a vision to connect with 1.96 million participants in Australian football (soccer).


Would your sports talent wear a fans face on their jersey for a month?

MLS did and they believe it drove ticket sales and fan engagement.

Snapchat might just become the go-to site for real-time sports updates 


A few things I took note of today

Beyond Blue are utilising Snapchat, first for them and Australia!

Wimbeldon has become more techy for those lucky enough to be in the stadium as well as those that are watching at home:  http://www.techweekeurope.co.uk/projects/wimbledon-2015-ibm-watson-website-170587

Millenials are ‘Gen Bizzay’

March Wrap Up

It’s an interesting time for social, messenger apps and the big guy, Apple.


  • Are gyms the new movie theatre? Two birds one stone: get fit and watch the latest box office.
  • Apple TV is set to launch a new version in June which will deliver new experiences including change how people consume television which is “stuck in the seventies”. Expected to integrate Siri for deeper usability as well as Live TV (similar to Sony’s {playstation Vue Service) and will probably make it possible to travel between Live TV, apps and streaming content seamlessly …but is it all a little too late?
  • 85% of iPhone6 users haven’t bothered with Apple Pay yet.
  • Google is apparently developing a service called the “Pony Express” that will allow users to pay bills through Gmail or Inbox. Users will be able to link their credit cards or bank accounts to Pony Express, and will also be able to split bills with another user.


  • Twitter has already squashed the hopes and dreams of MeerKat with Periscope, integrating live-video broadcasting to it’s platform. It is considered the future of citizen journalism as seen immediately after the NYC explosion last week but can also be utilised like these early adopters – Spotify, RedBull, and Mountain Dew are among the first brands to use Periscope.
  • Facebook set to beef up its Messenger service. They should learn from WeChat who are miles ahead with ways businesses can communicate and share content directly with users.
  • Buzzfeed announced a new content strategy – rather than viewing Facebook as a traffic driver, view the social network as a distinct content hub.
  • Facebook talks with big publishers (Buzzfeed, NatGeo, NY Times, Upworthy etc) to host their content inside of Facebook.

Campaigns (worth sharing):

  • Do gooder Campaign – WeChat ran a voice donor campaign in China to support audiobooks for the blind. If they opted in, users were sent a paragraph to read aloud and record. Video.
  • Audi’s water vapour billboard

If you hate (or like) receiving this stuff, just let me know otherwise I’ll probably gather something together every fortnight.

February wk1 White Wrap Up

Here’s a few things I found interesting this week.

It’s a busy week for all so hope you get a change to peruse, but, if you have to choose, go Snapchat. Always choose Snapchat.

Digital News and Innovation

  • Who wouldn’t want to be woken up of a morning by a total stranger? This guy tried Wakie and his review is a bit of a lol.
  • Fun stats: Video will increase as a key driver of customer engagement from 13% today to 61% in the future; and social will increase from 38% today to 49% in the future. (Source)
  • Here’s the full run down of Superbowl ads.
  • Car brands, advertising and data. It’s starting to come together for brands like Chrysler.
  • Here are a few products that people want right now, some of them are smart.



  • Snapchat is getting BETTER and BETTER. It always had potential and if you couldn’t see that you should excuse yourself from working in the digital field. It’s launching Discover which is where publishers can distribute disappearing stories. Genius. More details and brands already involved (and why).
  • Instagram videos now LOOP
  • Facebook is trialling Place Tips (only in NYC at the momento)
  • Vine released a kid friendly Still 6” looped videos just with a simpler interface and less dumb shit.
  • Tumblr has changed a little, they exaggerate by calling it a Big Update.


Campaigns I think are worth sharing:

  • The top 20 viral ads of January. #6 gives me warm fuzzies and the rest are pretty funny.
  • Will this be the new ice bucket challenge? Smeared Lipstick Selfies
  • Woolworths are hoping their #cheapcheapdance will take off. Gawd no.
  • Australian politics have a few trending hashtags on the go. #LibSpill is my current favourite.

Best wishes for an enjoyable afternoon.

January 2015 – White Wrap Up

Digital News and Innovation

  • Chrissie’s predictions for successful digi marketing in 2015? Short storytelling of cinematic quality. Location based marketing. Snapchat and Whatsapp and WeChat.
  • By partnering with 4 key influential audiences and creating an interactive experience, Maggi (in the Middle East and Africa) reinvigorated the branded and reconnected with their audience
  • Brands are now using bae on social media. Are they understanding their audience or being ridic?
  • Need an infographic or 20,000? GlobalWebIndex have released their latest stats for Digital, Social & Mobile for 2015 by country (luckily Aus is second to review, as it’s a 376 deep deck)



  • Curios to know what Australians spoke about on Facebook in 2014? Of course you are.
  • Facebook has honed in on its insights – http://marketingland.com/facebook-hones-tools-updates-insights-media-publishers-110791
  • LinkedIn has changed its homepage layout, placing analytics and News Feed at the front and centre
  • Chat apps. They will take over.
  • What else is next? Fuzzbeed.
  • Key points from the articles James sent round on a teenagers view to utilising social –
    • Facebook Groups are better than the newsfeed
    • Most dwell time on Instagram
    • Higher engagement on Insta because it’s still quite private and people like controlling their feed without feeling guilty about not following someone
    • Snapchat story use is great because – “You post yourself getting ready for the party, going to the party, having fun at the party, leaving at the end of the party, and waking up the morning after the party on Snapchat.”
    • “Snapchat is where we can really be ourselves while being attached to our social identity.”
    • To be honest, they “simply do not understand the point of Twitter”.


Cool campaigns I think are worth sharing: