October Wrap

Firstly, yes it’s true. Bachie is a horrible person and is now dating the blonde that came third.

Now, please find a bunch of new and interesting digi things below that span all industries.

Digital News and Innovation

  • Apple have created the Apple Sim that lets you switch between different service providers.
  • This list consists of 30 please where you can use your iPhone to buy material items.
  • Here is an actual doctor-in-the-palm-of-your-hand app. It’s called Spruce.
  • Is mobile driving the future of brand marketing? Probs, as they are now the #1 device to reach millennials.
  • Stats stats stats on brand engagement. Including, 91% of consumer respondents report regularly engaging with brands online.
  • Social commerce is growing quickly: The top 500 retailers earned $US2.69 billion from social shopping in 2013
  • An infographic on entertainment and what influences the films we see.
  • Something about the iPad Air 2 can be read here. Mashable only has like 20 headline articles on it…
  • The latest for drones.

Social – Now moving into the social world, let’s touch on a few highlights here with…

  • Snapchat freaks people out with their ad for Universal for Ouija.
  • Facebook has unveiled hyper-localised ads.
  • Facebook is the Q3 leader for social logins. It is the most popular choice for media sites, entertainment and gaming.
  • 34% of app users have upgraded from a free app to a paid version, making this the most widely utilised business model.
  • How can advertisers can extend their relevance with search? Be contextual. Customising to postcode, city or immediate surroundings with certainly help.


NOW here are some cool campaigns that I think are worth sharing:

  • The new Peugeot GTi ad is pretty great. Think James Bond meets Born Identity. 10 million views in 2 weeks. Woah.
  • This Chanel ad was directed by Baz Luhrman. The One I Want.
  • Cats and wearable technology. 9Lives have nailed it.  This interactive website allows you to guide Morris the Cat through
  • Shock value still delivers. ATM = Automated Thanking Machine. This Canadian Bank earned 13 million views of big love for this little prank.
  • KLM #HappytoHelp customer service that is for any traveller, on any airline, anywhere in the world 24/7. Watch a couple of the videos/case studies on their YT account.



Brands, Get On Top Of In-Car Technology

As published: http://www.bandt.com.au/media/brands-get-on-top-of-in-car-technology

The future of in-car technology is racing ahead (literally) and the prospect of driverless cars no longer seems so futuristic. Technology is one of the greatest forces that brands need to contend with, and this was never more evident than in the car industry right now where automotive apps and enhanced dashboards are set to become common features.

So which will it be moving forward – more apps or more dashboard features? The short answer is both. The future of creating smarter cars is developing both technologies because if mobile apps and internet-based services can further penetrate their way into the in-car environment there is an even greater opportunity to expand the ability to engage consumers, absorb their attention, and gather the all-important data that we marketing folk crave.

To access all this information and gather available data, the next step is for cars to talk directly to the internet by providing a connection through the vehicle itself. So what’s the best way to do this? The current trend seems to be to partner with the best.

Google has just announced a partnership with Audi, GM, Honda and Hyundai to bring the Android operating system to cars soon. Whilst Mercedes-Benz has partnered with Apple who are also prepping a new version of its iOS operating system that will bring the iPhone’s apps and features to compatible auto dashboards.

Based on these collaborations alone, there are obvious car-to-gadget interactivity that have inexhaustible opportunities with Siri or OK Google. Reading messages aloud, replying via voice command or directing you to ‘home’ or ‘work’ depending on the time of day, just to name a few. Yet it’s what’s to come that should really get us excited as the prospects are leaning towards intuitive technology and seamless connectivity (…and our mouths are watering).

Currently 23 million cars on the road globally are connected to the internet in some capacity, according to research firm IHS Automotive. By 2020 that figure is expected to rise to 152 million. Therefore the goal of in-car technologies should aim to make using web services a more seamless part of the driving experience as this would allow for contextual conversations. For example, push messages at the right time and right place could offer a free car wash or notify drivers of new models available for test drives as you cruise past a dealership, direct you to the cheapest petrol station in the area, or remind you to pack your golf clubs because you’ve got a game with old-mate Tom this afternoon.

So whether they help you avoid traffic jams and speed cameras, find and (un)lock your car, warn off pesky parking inspectors or monitor your fatigue, app technology is continually developing across car brands. Further to this, as far as dashboard enhancements go we could see heads-up displays on windshields that allow drivers to navigate through thick fog and music systems that automatically pick-up what was playing on your smartphone before you hopped in the car then seamlessly continue playing it.

Due to the versatility and flexibility of apps and dashboard options there is still a lot that technology can input here to direct the future of connected cars and bring together previously siloed information from the GPS system, the engine control unit, entertainment and music.

As the world becomes more reliant on technology and ultimately the internet, we love that the car industry are forerunners in creating a more innovative world where our gadgets become intuitive with us, each other and become integral features associated with future designs.
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Be that in car or via mobile device, some of these technologies will help keep us safe, some will give us information like never before and some will let us kick back and just enjoy the ride. Whatever they do (I’ve touched on the fact that the best is yet to come), what we love as marketers is witnessing these in-car technologies act as utilities that change, benefit and impact our daily lives and ultimately lead to us building an emotional connection with the brand.

Final Sept combined with the start of October

As most of you know, last week I was lucky enough to attend a number of seminars as part of social media week. I’m not talking about nerdy Community Managers uniting in force to discuss their most successful posts or how to combat trolls. We’re talking about Marketing Managers from the music industry, sporting industry and agency side. As well as tech folk, wearable tech innovators, kings of data capture, famous bloggers and vloggers and a number of start-upperers.

There was a wealth of knowledge going round and I wrote a few essays about it, but here are a few golden nuggets of info gained that will impact our planning from now on:

  • There has been a 21% rise in mobile app usage year on year, with music, fitness and social apps amongst the highest climbers
  • Mobile growth can be attributed greatly to social media platforms and therefore the way people interact and use information/news – it’s changing the face of entertainment
  • Mobile is leading to more innovation based on speed and data yet the future of mobility in Australia will be determined by infrastructure, namely NBN (national broadband)
  • 25% of Aussies purchase something off a mobile device monthly
  • Peak Twitter usage time in AUS is from 9-10am on weekdays. We are the only country to record its highest usability during working hours. This highlights that we cannot continue to rely on US and UK data any longer as it is not an accurate reflection of Australian habits.
  • Why do Aussies share content?
    1. Increase visibility (75%)
    2. Boost reputation (74%)
  • LinkedIn Aus audience growth – 4mil 2013 to 6 mil members in 2014 +50% growth in just over 1 year


Digital News and Innovation – Alrighty, now here is the low down for digital news from all industries, not just our marketing bubble.

  • Preorders of the iPhone 6 have now topped over 24 million which is double the sales of the iPhone 5, which means demand is currently exceeding supply.
  • Apparently people who prefer local news, are more likely to share content across their social media channels. Handy infographic goodness can be found here. It shows that 52% access news on the web and 33% read news via an app on mobile devices. Also, that the 3 kinds of news being consumed multiple times a day are weather then current events then sports.
  • The death of Kings Cross – is this affecting Lion? We’re seeing some key places go up for sale including World Bar and Candy’s. Personally, I think this is added pressure to get Lion brands top of mind and be the first drink of the night.
  • MINI, the car brand, is delving into the future of car mobility as they team up with six designers at the London Design Festival this month. The designers present radical visions for the future of mobility who have thought of new concepts which impact the overall driving experience. From cars made out of living materials to exploring augmented reality to super-imposing traffic information onto the physical world.
  • PayPal’s co-founder has started Affirm which is hoping to lend a hand to millennials who are afraid of credit cards, their fees and the unwanted debt that accumulates because of spending above one’s means. Instead Affirm encourages taking out smaller lump sum loans that are instantly approved in which you can make split payments over time.

Social – Now moving into the social world, let’s touch on a few highlights here with…

  • Does Ello represent the future of social media? This ad-free social network doesn’t just let anyone in as entry is selective, they disallow advertisers because they no longer want peoples personal data to be bought and sold, and you can only view public profiles of selected artists/designers. According to Adnews, they’ve received 670,000 requests for membership in a week.
  • Pinterest is introducing a way for brands to target their existing customers with ads, or as others see it – catching up with Facebook and Twitters more sophisticated services.
  • The first Health Kit Apps have been revealed and first off the rank is FitPort which tracks distance, calories burned and basically works via the fitbits and jawbones.
  • Have a play with this link to relevant and fairly recent (2013) social statistics from The Works and UTS. They cover Instagram, Twitter and Social Video. Here they compare the top 5 topics for Instagram vs Vine vs Snapchat, video posting for men vs women and a whole lot more.
  • GlobalWebIndex has rolled out the latest statistics for Instagram which boasts that 20% of internet users now have an internet account.
  • Apple adds bundles and previews to the App store which will give app developers more ways to reach an audience. These App previews allow for short videos that devs can optimise to show the app in action, previously you could only insert screenshots.
  • Social media is something that teenagers just do better than the rest of us. It has made them crap at a few things likes conversation, the ability to like ugly things and watch a movie in its entirety but at least they’ve cemented in the following for posting success:
    1. We need to adopt what topics are popular in their world at the moment
    2. Partner with colleagues & influential people in your industry to co-promote your products & brands
    3. Teens post material that is fun, relevant & very engaging. And businesses can replicate these posting strategies if they pay attention
    4. Post consistently otherwise you’ll be forgotten
  • Because some people just want a cuddle. If that’s you, go download the Cuddlr app asap. Start racking up them cuddles, because they keep count.

Cool campaigns I think are worth sharing:

  • #heforshe has been started by Emma Watson. You know the child star that hasn’t gone bonkers. She wanted to remind the world that feminism isn’t about hating on men, it’s about equality, dignity and respect. This campaign went completely viral and continues to be praised across all major social networks, particularly Twitter.
  • Some brand funny’s to come from Apple’s iPhone 6 bendgate saga include that of KitKat who say “we don’t bend, we break”, Coke who remind people they only have curves in all the right places PLUS as well as a bunch of memes from the witty public.
  • Remember a few years ago Air Jordan did that epic holographic display on the water/buildings to launch the M8? Well, here’s the latest in epic 4D holographic campaigns from Ralph Lauren. Presented before hundreds of celebs and fashion influencers, saw their 2015 Spring Fashion Show projected onto a huge-ass fountain where we saw projected models mixed with animated worlds.
  • Taking a leaf out of Yo’s book, I’d like to introduce Beer. Simply build up your network from address books and Facebook friends and then send them a simple automated message that says ‘Beer?!’ – that’s literally it. I’ll leave it to you to decide if it’s genius or ridiculous?

SMW – Convergence of Mobile and Social

Below are some points to the perks of mobile (apps and mobile enabled sites) as well as the pitfalls.

Convergence of Mobile and Social

The panel consisted of some techy folk and a champion starter-upper. I thoroughly enjoyed the input from @RebekahPosse the most here because it was real-world advice and you could tell she was talking from firsthand experience. If you’re not familiar with Posse, it’s an iOS friendly app that lets you show off your social status by creating animated streets in any major city and allows you to add in places that take you off the beaten track for example an awesome yoga studio you found in NY or that dodgey looking but sensational Vietnamese restaurant. Anyhow, an interesting statement out of the Posse chick was that moving forward she wished they were actually a mobile website, in preference to an app *Sam cheers*.

One of the initial panel questions from the host was ‘what are some pitfalls to mobile’ and here are some answers:

  • Which platform to use – android or iOS – keeping in mind it’s easy enough to build an app but to perfect one means changes upon changes and to do that across both platforms isn’t cheap or easy
  • You must understand the user journey before building anything for mobile
  • Mobile growth can be attributed greatly to social media platforms and therefore the way people interact and use information/news
  • People still have concerns around privacy
  • Future of mobility in Australia will be determined by infrastructure, namely NBN (national broadband)

From pitfalls to the perks. Some mentioned by the panel included:

  • Mobile is however, more efficient, it’s easier to win someone’s attention once they’ve passed the barrier to download
  • Mobile is personal and brings to life personal experience
  • 25% of Aussies purchase something off a mobile device monthly
  • Mobile is allowing start-ups to start-up easier than ever and they used Beat the Q as an example which is currently the most popular app of its kind GLOBALLY
  • Mobile is leading to more innovation based on speed and data
  • Changing face of entertainment

Want more fun facts from this seminar check out #SMWmobile

Social Media Week – Social and MUSIC Review


Yesterday was probably my favourite day of Social Media Week and because I like stories, I’m going to tell you all about it.

Here’s a bit of a wrap-up of a panel and thoughts and predictions about the socially evolving music industry.

Socially Evolving the Music Industry

LIVE STREAM – http://socialmediaweek.org/sydney/events/socially-evolving-the-music-industry/

I advise watching this if you work on Budweiser, Hahn SuperDry, XXXX Summer Bright or other brand that are contemplating a partnership with music/musicians/venues etc.

In a nutshell, it was a panel of legends who all enjoyed saying that “people can smell bullshit”. We had Hazel Savage who is the Marketing Manager of Pandora and manages the Facebook and Twitter communities for both AUS and NZ – which have separate accounts. This is just one facet of her role to the “data service that provides a product which is music” aka Pandora. Yes, she states that they are a data company first and foremost, and a music platform is secondary to that. Obviously they go hand in hand but still an interesting way to communicate the brands positioning.

Pandora is proud of not allowing social logins to act as logins to Pandora – they are purposefully kept separate for integrity reasons according to Hazel. Instead, on sign-up they do capture gender, location, time of listening and the more you use it the deeper they can segment users. Pandora now has over 2 million active users across AUS and NZ and make a point of requesting new users to opt-in to email communication, rather than the all-to-common opt-out. Pandora believe that the data captured is not their information, it is a real human’s information and that’s why they do not allow social logins or automatically send you spam. Let’s hope it remains this way.

Also on the panel was Andrew Peterson who is the Community & Content Director of Universal Music Australia and one very knowledgeable human being. He explained the business shift for music labels and artists that has had to occur due to social media and how they were not one to jump on it from the get go, it’s only now that musicians etc are making the most of platforms. Artists are now owning  their platform of choice and the best ones pick one or two that they love and can be authentic on, rather than cover all platforms because the marketing guy said so.

Peterson enlightened us on some success stories that he’s witnessed where the doers are the ones that get ahead. He had a meeting with a Youtube sensation called Troy and they were discussing ideas and in the meeting whilst they were discussing, Troy was simultaneously creating this idea and posted it 3 hours later only for it to be a huge success. The key here – get to it. Think about it, talk about it then just start doing it. @ozpeto also reminded us that social is a facilitator and it is “one-to-one communications are what people are really looking for.”

He also touched on the all-important data aspect. He mentioned that Universal have TOO MUCH DATA and openly mentions they aren’t making the most of it. Yes, hooray you got 15000 email address, but what are you gonna do with it?! – This is a problem that is obviously close to home with many of our Lion brands.

Just briefly, the third speaker was the Marketing Manager for MTV and she was all like ‘events trigger engagement’. Well it does for them because they have the cool factor in the bag. They host the VMAs, the EMAs and support many music festivals. Obviously events trigger engagement because people love posting about themselves doing cool sh*t! Fact! They also love seeing pictures of themselves so something cool and random that MTV did at the last festival was to let off giant beach balls into the crowds, wait for, the beach balls had cameras inside them (built in to the design). This gave people the opportunity to visit the MTV website/FB, watch the videos and tag photos etc. Easy, simple, cheap and fun execution which encouraged social engagement and participation.

Also, all of them reiterated the fact that Australia is big enough to be impactful yet small enough for USA/UK to not give a sh*t about! That’s why the above speakers trial, test and just get experimenting – because they can and they have cool sh*t to show for it.

For more quotes and stats from this seminar, search #SMWMusic.


Social Media Week – Seminar 1 in Review

I attended a couple of things at Social Media Week yesterday and thought I’d share a few key takeaways from these.

Call it disruption. Call it revolution. Call it chaos Presented by Gavin Heaton

Gavin is a smaller statured man who definitely loves kittens and pandas and just wanted to reiterate very generally how useful Social can be for a brand…. His purpose on stage was to remind us that social media is really great because:

  • Social media is changing our relationship with technology
  • Having a purpose across channels means you speak to a network
  • The key outtake was his PANDA theory: Purpose, Analytics, Networks, Digital, Art=

Panel: The Australian Media Landscape

An interesting selection of 2x data people, social media agency guy and a LinkedIn guy hosted by the dude who runs Reactive. Here are a few key takeaways:

  • We should not be relying on stats from the US and UK because these habits are just not mirrored by Australian consumers. For example, peak Twitter usage time in AUS is from 9-10am on weekdays. We are the only country to record its highest usability during working hours.
  • Furthermore, what trends on Instagram varies per city and even per suburb! According to The Works, in Sydney we love weird and funny shit whereas Melbourne is spot on brand loving food.
  • They reminded us that “Australia is not behind the rest of the world but AU brands are behind AU consumers”.
  • Apparently Snapchat isn’t just for sexting it actually is replacing traditional messaging in younger dempgraphics
  • Why do Australians share content?
    1. Increase visibility (75%)
    2. Boost reputation (74%)
  • LinkedIn Aus audience growth – 4mil 2013 to 6 mil members in 2014 +50% growth in just over 1 year

White Wrap Up wk 3 in September

Whether you’re attending whiskey night with 3 others, kicking on to a thirtieth,  third-wheeling or going to your soccer presentation where you came third* – you’ll probably enjoy the below THREE segments of digi-goodness.

Digital News and Innovation

  • Firstly, download iOS8 all but 2% of you that own an iPhone. (2% is being generous, we all know it’s only you Matt). Why should you get it? So we can all use Family Sharing!
  • Apple watch will feature social apps for the likes of Facebook, Pinterest and Yahoo!
  • There’s a bug in the HealthKit Software. Put those Fitbits back on NOW NOW NOW!
  • Would you drink from a can that matched the colour of the liquid that was contained? Or maybe you are a complete beer novice and have no idea about Ales vs Stouts? Well, go get one of these bad boys.
  • Some great responses to iOS 8 and iPhone 6 by HTC, HTC UK, Windows and Oreo.
  • The Chaser boys are at it again with a new segment called Media Circus and ABC have issued a pre-emptive apology for the whole series which will cover a satirical spin of news and current affairs.
  • Wearable tech? No. Wearable software? No. This week it is all about the Thinkable Tech. Which is actually just a version of wearable, but hey, let’s give the newly coined term a chance. The Muse is to help you control your thoughts and assist in overthinking…
  • Insert something about drones…
  • The new automotive battleground isn’t necessarily about the car, but about the way it better connects us.


  • Update your Facebook Messenger so you can doodle (draw/type) over your things too!
  • Today’s social media funny is the first guy in Perth to get an iPhone 6 dropped it in front of the cameras. LOL! Cracked screen woes still apply.
  • Thanks to Kate, here’s what you need to think about with the introduction of a ‘buy’ button on Twitter – or as Kate coined, TWURCHASING.
  • Have you seen the best 10 branded Instagram posts for the week? Well, here are a few hints of what made the cut. 1. A douchbag Canadian celebrity 2. A luxury brand 3. A sweet as sports brand that is often associated with chavs 4. Shiny, fast car brand. 5. Small compact electronic that everybody wishes they had for all those crazy holiday adventures including diving and just remembering the night out.
  • It’s Social Media Week next week! Check out the site or the app.


Cool campaigns I think are worth sharing:

  • Some great responses to iOS 8 and iPhone 6 by HTC, HTC UK, Windows and Oreo.
  • Cool Australian wine website. Also highly rate the eCommerce site too – Winephoria.

Get them hands-up ‘cos it’s Friday ya’ll.

* my soccer presentation night is tonight but we came SECOND not THIRD – I changed it to suit the story.